Galaxy S8 may feature Windows Continuum like functionality

A new leak has surfaced online that reveals that Samsung could be working on a Continuum like feature for the Galaxy S8. A leaked slide, as you can see in the image above, shows a feature called Samsung Desktop Experience.

It looks like users can connect the Galaxy S8 to a monitor or display using a dock/cable and get a desktop like experience with better multi-tasking. It also shows that one can use a keyboard and mouse, connected via Bluetooth, we think. This is similar to the Continuum feature on Windows mobile, which turns a Windows Phone to a full-blown Windows 10 PC when connected to an external display using a dock.

However, the leak doesn’t say if it’ll be as good as continuum. The desktop version of Android on the slide looks like Remix OS, a custom version of Android made for laptops and desktops.

Samsung could include such a feature on the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship to give it an edge over competitors. Although, the source does ask the readers to take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

Source: AAWP

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