Galaxy S8 Gear VR headset actually works fine for the Note 8 as well

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8, they also announced a new Gear VR headset for Note 8 citing the reason as Note 8 won’t fit in the old VR headsets, not even the one launched with Galaxy S8 recently.

However, a user has tested the old S8 Gear headset with Galaxy Note 8 and to everyone’s surprise, the device fits and connects just fine with the Galaxy S8 VR headset.

The user says that he didn’t feel any stress while using the old S8 Gear VR headset. But he does say that “the Note 8 fits more snug than the S8, so you have to be slightly more careful putting it in. Once snapped in, there is no worry of it falling out.”

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So the question arises, why did Samsung launch a new Gear VR with Note 8? Must be some technical reasons or do I smell money?

Btw, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up for pre-order these days, however, Sammy doesn’t bundle the new Gear VR headset as pre-order offer.

Source: XDA Developers