Galaxy S8 deal in USA: Samsung offering Gear 360 for $49 with every S8 and S8+ purchase

The launch of Galaxy S8 and S8+ two months back and its record breaking sale gave much respite to Samsung which was struggling to undo the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. As such, Samsung not only changed its marketing tactics for Galaxy S8 and S8+ but also started giving away great deals with these flagship phones. And the trend continues.

Samsung is giving Gear 360 at a discounted price with every Galaxy S8 and S8+ purchase. If you purchase a Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphone, you can get Gear 360 at a price of only $49. That’s a whopping $300 less than the original price of $349. Sadly, this offer is valid only for US customers.

The offer is valid for all the Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants which include the unlocked version as well locked to carriers viz T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, and Sprint.

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Meanwhile, AT&T bound Samsung Galaxy S8 Active should soon be released. The smartphone was recently spotted online hinting that its launch is inching closer.

Source: Samsung USA

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