Faulty Galaxy S7 Edge displays showing a vertical pink line for many users

It is said that- when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And going by the latest problems plaguing Samsung, it has no choice but to toughen itself up, or should we say, toughen its next line of products, so that they are error-proof. After clearing the airs about the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung should have been able to take a sigh a relief. But that is not the case.

This time the victims are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users who, of late, have been complaining of a vertical pink line that appears on their phones’ displays. Samsung hasn’t acknowledged this cry yet, despite the problem being over six months old.

There are dozen of threads on carrier forums about the pink line issue, including Samsung’s official site as well as forums like AT&T, Verizon, O2 UK, Telstra (Australia), Vodafone (Germany and the Netherlands).

Witnessing the ever increasing complaints, several carriers have even provided replacement for some Galaxy S7 Edge users, provided the warranty period hasn’t subsided.

If you too have been facing the same problem, you can perhaps try these few tricks. First, reset the display in the service menu by dialing *#0*# and tapping on the Red, Green and Blue colors. If this doesn’t work, press on the top of the display, near the Samsung logo. This should help. And if the problem persists, Samsung has recommend those affected to send their smartphones for evaluation.

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