Galaxy Note FE releasing tomorrow in South Korea for $606

If you have not been living under a rock, you might be aware that Samsung was working on the refurbished version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Yup, the same device that caught fire last year.

The refurbished device is known as Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) and is releasing tomorrow in South Korea. The device was unveiled three days back in Korea.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is an exclusive limited edition with only 400,000 units. The device is priced at 699,600 won (US$606) and will be sold via mobile carriers like SK Telecom and KT starting tomorrow. It will come in four colors: gold, silver, blue and black.

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is manufactured from the unused and unopened parts of Galaxy Note 7 besides using a lower battery of 3,200mAh as opposed to 3,400mAh used in Galaxy Note 7. If you think about it, Galaxy Note FE is an eco-friendly project that minimizes waste of resources by utilizing the parts of Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note FE retains the design of Galaxy Note 7 but includes a ‘Fan Edition’ logo on the back to differentiate it from the standard Note 7. Talking about software, Galaxy Note FE will be using the same UX that is present on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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The S Pen of Galaxy Note FE can translate foreign words from simple text and images as well. The S Pen supports pen tip of 0.7mm and pressure of 4,096 steps. The ‘Always On Display’ function can be used to create and check notes on the off-screen besides using it to check notifications.

Galaxy Note FE, which is waterproof and dustproof, will also include Samsung Pass for biometric authentication technologies such as iris and fingerprint recognition.

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In addition to that, the Galaxy Note FE will partially support the Bixby voice assistant, including Bixby Home and the Bixby Reminder.

Source: TheInvestor