Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE is Official in Korea, release for Europe, Asia and US not decided yet

Galaxy Note 7 FE

Just like the phoenix bird, Galaxy Note 7 has risen from the ashes and is now ready to please its fans. Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE (Fan Edition) have been rampant but now it’s official. If you remember, the Galaxy Note 7 FE was set for a 7th July launch, but today, Samsung has already made it official.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE will be an exclusive limited edition with only 400,000 units to arrive at the Korean shores. Samsung didn’t reveal if and when they plan to release it worldwide, include its big markets in Europe, Asia and US, but we hope they do please their fans in these regions on earth too. That said, it does makes perfect business sense to see the success in a limited market before rolling out a re-make of an already failed device.

The Note 7 FE will use parts from unopened Note 7 sets, with safer battery tucked inside now in place of fault ones, which is not only safe to use but good for the environment. The eco-friendly approach may appeal to many as it shows that Samsung cares for environment, which would help in further solidifying their image after Galaxy S8’s success.

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The Galaxy Note 7 FE will be priced at 699,600 won, which is about 600 USD. And about what may/should concern even more, it will feature a safer 3,200mAh battery which has been through a eight-point battery safety check.

Things only get better for the new Note 7 FE as it will feature an updated version of the software,. The new Note 7 FE will adopt the same UX as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ while retaining all the cool features that make Note 7 very popular, like super-cool design and S-Pen. The Note 7 FE will partially support the Bixby voice assistant, including Bixby Home and the Bixby Reminder.

The biggest test Samsung faces is making customers care for a device with last year’s specs, when we have Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ already doing so well. It is an interesting decision which may or may not yield results, especially when you have Note 8 launch coming up soon. What do you think?

Source: Samsung