Galaxy Note 2 pop-up browser ported for Galaxy S2

One of the more interesting and useful features that Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 2 offers is the ability to view a webpage as a popup, while running some other app in the background – called the Popup Browser. Pretty useful feature, especially when you need to have a quick view at a link within an email, or another app.

The very handy popub browser app from the Galaxy Note 2 has now been ported to the Samsung Galaxy S2, courtesy XDA member Gyebro. The Galaxy S2 is the predecessor to the Samsung Galaxy S3, and was one of the most successful and popular phones of last year. That said, it continues to be popular and commands a large user base amongst users and developers alike.

Not surprising then, that  it continues to see various mods as well as custom ROMs based on the latest Android OS versions available. Gyebro managed to modify the popup browser from the Note 2 to match the smaller screen of the Galaxy S2, and added another small app which gives the user an option to choose the Popup browser when a link is clicked, as seen in the screenshot above to the left.

The only catch though is that the app will only work on stock Samsung firmware or Touchwiz based  custom ROMs, including the latest XXLSJ Jelly Bean firmware. If you’re running an AOSP based ROM like CM10 or AOKP, you’re out of luck, for now.

You can download the PopupBrowser and the PopupBrowser launcher apks from the official source page. You can either download them directly to the phone through your phone browser, or download the apk files to your PC and transfer them to the phone SD card, and then use a file explorer to install them.

Go ahead and try out the PopupBrowser on your Galaxy S2, and let us know how you like it in comments below.

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