Galaxy J7 2017 Chinese variant will be equipped with dual rear cameras

Galaxy J7 2017

The Galaxy J7 2017, after a long wait, was launched in Austria last month. One thing, though, was missing on the smartphone.

What, you may ask? Well, it’s the rumored dual camera setup on the back. There were a few reports hinting that the Galaxy J7 would feature dual rear cameras.

Further, there were reports that the Galaxy J7 will indeed get a dual camera setup on the back, but the feature will be limited only to the Chinese market.

Backing the rumor, a bunch of images have surfaced online today showing us what could be the Galaxy J7 2017 (SM-J7310) with a vertical dual camera setup on the back.

Galaxy J7 2017

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The Galaxy J7 2017’s back interestingly reveals a textured finish which is not the first time we will be seeing on a Samsung smartphone. The leak, however, mentions that the company has currently stopped testing the phone.

The Galaxy C10 seems to suffer the same fate as the J7 2017 reportedly. A recent leak revealed that the Galaxy C10 launch had been delayed due to the fact that the company needs more labor to work on Galaxy Note 8.

This clearly suggests that Samsung wants the Galaxy Note 8 to be its first dual camera smartphone. Perhaps, it wants to test the waters with the Note 8 first and then make dual camera setup a common feature among its mid-range devices.

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