Galaxy Grand Duos Marshmallow Update: CM13 and other ROMs

The Grand Duos was a hugely popular device and is now more than three years old. Obviously enough, it’s more than naive and foolish to expect an official Marshmallow update for Grand Duos. But, because it runs Android, and more importantly, enjoys developer support, there are some great unofficial Marshmallow update available for the Grand Duos thanks to custom ROMs like CM13.

Though, with 1GB RAM chip inside, the Grand Duos isn’t best spec’ed to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. But it should do well. Firstly, the minimum requirement for Marshmallow is 1GB, unchanged since Google announced the same for Lollipop.

With the Marshmallow update for Grand Duos, you will get its famous features like Doze mode, app control and app permissions management, Now On Tap, etc.

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You can also expect battery life of Grand Duos to increase by around 20 percent on Marshmallow update. On Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, your installed but little/rarely used apps are hibernated completely by the system to save battery use from such apps, and that also frees up memory as these apps don’t run any background activity at all.

So next time you install a wallpaper app on your Grand Duos running Marshmallow update that you long forgot to use, it won’t be draining your device’s battery. Feel free to install more apps than usual on Marshmallow.

Moreover, when the device is not in use, the system blocks access to mobile data and background functions to all apps except for the most basic ones. Remaining apps are provided access to data and normal functions in little gaps so that you don’t miss out on important notificaitons. Once the device comes into use — system gets to know it by detecting device movement — all apps get access to data and background operations instantly.

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On the Grand Duos Marshmallow update, you get advanced control over permissions available for apps, as well as ability to enable and disable permissions. Moreover, you can check out which apps are eating how much battery, and thus decide on uninstalling battery-draining apps, if need be.

On Grand Duos Android 6.0 update you get Now On Tap with Google Now. It can read data on any screen and serve suggestions based on that.

There are plenty of reasons to install Grand Duos Marshmallow update. There are lots of under the hood improvements that result in speedier day to day performance, while saving on battery.

Required? The Grand Duos Marshmallow update given below can installed only by using a custom recovery. So, first of all, install Grand Duos TWRP recovery. For more help on this, check the ‘How to install’ section below.

Galaxy Grand Duos Marshmallow Update

Supported devices

  • Galaxy Grand Duos, model no. GT-i9082
  • Don’t try this on any other device whose model no. is different than the one specified above.

Download Marshmallow Custom ROMs

Find the Marshmallow ROMs along with their download link below. Also linked is ROM’s development page, where you could find that ROM’s latest download link, current list of bugs (if any) and list of features and all other info about the ROM.

1. CyanogenMod 13 (CM13)

(For GT-i9082 only)

Download Link | Development Page


(For GT-i9082 and GT-i9082L only)

Download Link | Development page


How to Install

Well, download the ROM of your choice from above first. Then check the link below to guide on installing a custom ROM.

Be sure to also download and install Marshmallow Gapps linked below as these contain Google Apps like Play Store, Maps, etc. that are missing in the ROMs by default.

How to Install custom ROM | Marshmallow Gapps

Need help? Let us know if you need any help with this via comments below.