Future update to bring Nightscape Mode to all OnePlus 7 Pro cameras

OnePlus image product manager, Zake Zhang, has revealed that the Chinese OEM is working on making the Nightscape mode available on all of OnePlus 7 Pro‘s rear cameras.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the most impressive smartphones in the market right now. The phone has a lot going for it, but sadly, can’t match the low-light performance of Huawei and Google Pixel flagships due to their superior native camera apps.

OnePlus’ dedicated night mode — Nightscape, however, has been steadily improving since launch. The second iteration of the app has brought a lot of improvements, but the fact that it’s currently limited to just the 48-megapixel main sensor is a bit disappointing for many users. Thankfully, the Chinese OEM has responded to those grievances and promised to offer the Nightscape mode in all of OnePlus 7 Pro’s cameras.

Speaking with GSMArena (via 9to5 Google), image product manager Zhang said:

We are working on bringing the Nightscape feature to the other cameras in a future update.

Unfortunately, Zhang didn’t reveal whether Nightscape 2.0 would be made available for the front-facing camera as well. He also didn’t promise to bring the Nightscape to the older OnePlus flagships.

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