Is built-in caller ID and spam protection turning off on Samsung Galaxy device? Here’s what you need to know

Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy devices have encountered an alarming number of bugs over the last couple of years. There have been issues regarding front camera zoom, screen awake during calls, Bluetooth won’t stay connected, no notification sounds, ghost notification alerts, camera fail, blurry images, and many more.

And while most of them have been resolved one way or the other, one particular issue is yet to be taken care of.

From Galaxy S8 to Samsung’s latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S10, and S10+,  users have been reporting that the built-in Caller ID and Spam Protection keeps turning off after every reboot.

Already fixed…

Samsung acknowledged the issue, and prepared and issued a fix already via a software update for its devices to solve the issue.

The bug fixer updates rolled out since the emergence of the issue has benefitted many users. But if you are one of the unlucky ones, your only option is to hang on tight until the company releases an update specifically for your model/region.

Check out for the latest update available on your Galaxy device. Here’s how: Open the Settings app > scroll down and select System updates > Tap Download and install. The system will check for an update and give you the prompt to download the update, and then install it right away, or schedule it.

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