Fix HTC One M9 overheating issue, improve performance and battery life with EliteKernel [Custom]

HTC One M9 might be one of the best designed smartphones till date but the device’ hardware literally dragged down its performance and hence its sales. The phone features Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, which is known to have overheating issues and it shows on the One M9 as well despite several overheating fixes from HTC.

However, developers from the XDA community managed to control the heating a little better than HTC by means of custom kernels, optimizing CPU resources smartly so that it doesn’t overheat. One such kernel is the EliteKernel from nik3r which promises to fix the One M9 overheating issue along with performance boost and increased battery life. Check full feature list below:

– optimize performance on lower frequencies
– reduce frequencies / cores optimally for daily usage and medium weight games
– decrease heat under sustained heavy load
– optimize CPU, memory, I/O and native performance
– better battery life

The EliteKernel is actually a tweaked version of ElementalX by flar2, only more advanced. Currently, the kernel is in its testing phase and has only been tested on the latest firmware available for One M9 v1.40.401.5.

Grab the kernel from XDA thread linked below, and make sure you backup your HTC One M9 before flashing EliteKernel via TWRP.

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