Exactly Match Songs with Google Music using ‘Fix Incorrect Match’ option

Google recently introduced a new Scan and Match feature for its Google Music Service which is supposedly a simple solution to get your music library uploaded to the Google cloud.

However, users increasingly started reporting that the Scan & Match feature seemed to be having an issue when it came to songs which contained explicit lyrics.

Scan and Match is supposed to scan the local music library on you device, and then match the information with Google’s database before adding your songs to your own Online Music Locker. You could then access your library from another device and stream your favorite tunes while on the move.

It turned out that songs with explicit lyrics were automatically getting replaced with clean versions of the same songs, leading to annoyed users who may have actually purchased explicit versions of the song. There were also reports of Scan and Match doing the reverse, that is, replacing clean versions of a song with explicit versions in some cases. Those who also use Apple products would probably remember that Apple ran into a similar issue last year when it launched the iTunes Match feature.

While Google has not commented on a long-term solution for this confusion, users have reported that there is a temporary workaround which fixes this irritating problem. However, the fix needs to be applied individually per song, and if you are a big Eminem fan, you best find a way of staying awake all night fixing your collection one song at a time.

Here’s how you can fix the incorrectly matched songs in your locker:

  1. Go to the computer where you installed the Music Manager Software to scan and match your music
  2. Access your Music Library on Google Music
  3. Find the incorrectly tagged song.
  4. Click the small arrow, and choose Fix incorrect match from the dropdown

This will make Music Manager upload the original version of the song from you library to replace the incorrectly tagged version.

As of now, Google has not really commented on what could be causing this issue, and as mentioned earlier, whether and how soon a permanent fix would take. But knowing Google, it shouldn’t be too long before they figure out a fix for this issue.

Via Engadget | Droid-Life