Essential starts selling headphones and USB Type-C adapters

essential accessories

Essential, the brand that gave us the Essential Phone PH-1 is now selling some accessories to complement their phone. The company already used to sell a 360 camera module that attached directly to the phone, but now you can buy accessories such as headphones, chargers, adapters and more.

The accessories are available from the Essential website and can be purchased in the US only. Essential is selling two types of earphones on the website. The first is the Essential Earphones HD, which costs $99 and has a USB Type-C connector. The second one is the Essential Earphones Mini and this one is less in every way to the HD. The Mini is being sold for $49 and also has a USB Type-C connector.

They are also selling a USB Type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for $15 and a Fast Charger(Type-C) for $39. This Fast charger should provide the phone up to 4 hours of battery life with a 10-minute charge.

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Finally, two other products are also featured on their website but aren’t available for purchase yet. There’s the Essential Phone Dock that is a wireless charger of sorts. You place the Essential phone on top with the Click Connector at the back aligned to the ones on the dock. Then there’s also a protective case for the 360 Camera.

We aren’t sure when these would be available, but we will update when more details are announced. The Essential Phone is still a great buy, especially now that the price is reduced to $499. You get top notch hardware, stock Android and a great build.

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