Essential Phone Camera update (version 83) brings Mono video recording at 60FPS, UI improvements and more

An update to Essential Phone’s Camera app is one of the most anticipated among Essential Phone users as there is a room for lot of improvement. The Essential Team itself has been very vocal about it and actively discusses with users about the issues present in their Camera app, along with promises to improve the app with regular updates.

The latest update to Essential Phone Camera app comes with version 0.1.083, and it brings with it a few new features such as Mono video recording at 60FPS, improved OTA flow for 360 Camera updates, Minor UI improvements and stability fixes. Like always, the update is available to download through Play Store.

While these new features and changes in the Camera app update are welcoming, one thing that most users want is uncompressed pictures, and it still hasn’t been delivered even when a member of Essential Team confirmed that version 83 (today’s release) will feature decreased compression for images taken with Essential Phone Camera app. Check out his full statement below:

For file size we have decreased compression in our internal builds and are currently testing. This will increase the file size of the images. We should be able to release in our followup to camera version 83 (releasing very soon).

In case you aren’t aware, the pictures taken with Essential Phone camera app are compressed to only about 1.5MB in size, while other smartphones take images of at-least 4MB in size for the same resolution.

That said, Essential team is also working on bringing Portrait mode to their Camera app which will help take amazing portrait pictures with nice background blur. The team has plans to release Portrait mode before the Holiday’s (by year end).

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