Engadget Previews the Motorola DroidX, be sure to read it!

Motorola DroidX Engadget preview

This is one piece of news I don’t wanna re-write. You know Engadget Guys are always ahead of the game and this time they got us a Preview of very very promising DroidX (yes, really!) and I won’t waste your time too much on that. Follow this link to head over to Engadget and grace yourself with, in my opinion, the best phone around or upcoming within months. No, I did not forget about iPhone 4.

Be sure to head to Engadget to read a full blown hands-on for it seems there are some massive improvements that you can’t even think of. There is battery management software, 8MP camera that shoots at 720p and plays them smoother than HTC EVO, renewed MotoBlur, an altogether different keyboard experience with multitouch (yes!), the mighty ARMv7 processor (might be an OMAP 3630 we heard about), 4.3 or 4.4 inch screen that is  FWGA type with display of 854 x 480 and lot more pics and videos to give practical  meaning to everything I said above.

Love you, Engadget!

That’s it. I simply can’t hide my excitement. Personally, I fell it should have been the Nexus Two, but looks like the rumored partnership between Motorola and Google fell after Nexus One failed to deliver the expected success.

An remember the things will get unleashed on June 23.

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