Droid Incredible Not Coming Tomorrow. Global Droid X Rumored to be In Plans!

Well, we gotta share two tweets with you, both stemming from the same source.

Let’s take first (picture below), what’s new and might be coming. A tweet tells us that Droid X may follow the Droid 2 footprints and might go Global. No date, specs, nothing right now, just age-old gossip. Let’s see if it develops further or is just crashed down by another ruthless successor tweet 2-3 weeks younger than this one. What do you think, btw?

About another tweet (picture at top), it’s tells about what’s not coming (at least as soon as we heard in rumors). It’s Incredible HD, whose rumored tomorrow released date is said to be ridiculous in its entirety. So, it’s implied that if you wanna make a switch to Verizon’s 4G, all you can do is wait until 2011. It seems that the carrier will get its 4G demand pretty hyped up by then — going by the way they have begun marketing it now, even when no phone of theirs is capable of using it. Odd times!

BTW, as for the 4G, let’s give a birds eye view to what each carrier is boasting about:

Sprint – The First 4G network

T-Mobile –  Largest 4G Network

Verizon – Most Advanced 4G Network in the World

Where are you, AT&T?

Who do you think will win your heart over 4G, hmm?


Via Droid Life


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