Download Vivo Nex stock wallpaper pack

Many will agree that Vivo is so far the only Android smartphone vendor that is taking on the bull by the horns and in the Vivo Nex, you have a device that offers a peek into the future of smartphones. One little problem, though, is that the Nex is only available in China and even worse is that we don’t know if and when this phone will be coming to your local shop.

On the brighter side, we have what we believe is the closest you can get to enjoying the Vivo Nex experience on your current phone – the Vivo Nex stock wallpapers. With these, you can bring the Nex feel to your current phone as you wait for the Chinese company to decide the fate of the phone’s global availability.

Download Vivo Nex stock wallpapers

While there are slim chances that this wallpaper pack will not impress you, we have a collection of other stock wallpapers for you, just in case things turn sour with respect to the Vivo Nex wallpaper pack or maybe you simply want more than the 15 available in this pack.

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