Download SuperSU v2.78 SR5 [ZIP + APK] [Latest added, v2.82 SR5]

  Update: Here’s full changelog for SuperSU v2.78 SR5 from Chainfire’s Google+ post.

This update fixes some compatibility issues with a number of Nougat firmwares across various devices.

Some modifications that SuperSU makes to SELinux combined with stricter service execution rules in Nougat and the absence of explicit security labels in the startup scripts of some firmwares, could lead to some scripts not being executed.

On many firmwares this issue didn’t occur at all, but on some (S7 Nougat Beta, CM14.1/RR-N on various devices) this could lead to Wi-Fi, cellular, and other modem-related features not working. On a rare firmware this caused bootloops, like on HTC10’s shell-script-spaghetti Nougat firmware (I feel dirty just having looked at it).

Additionally, SuperSU GUI now offers to disable Samsung’s SecurityLogAgent component as part of disabling KNOX, to get rid of some annoying popups.

– Fix shell-based scripts/services possibly not being executed on 7.x firmwares
– Add SecurityLogAgent to Samsung KNOX detection
– sukernel: force seclabel 

Chainfire has just released SuperSU v2.78 SR5. There’s no changelog yet about the updated build, but it should soon be available.

Meanwhile, you can just grab the SuperSU v2.78 SR5 recovery flashable zip or the APK file to be installed manually like any other apk file.


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