Safestrap Recovery for Droid RAZR M

While the developer edition of the Droid RAZR M enjoys the ability to have its bootloader officially unlocked from Motorola’s website, the normal non-developer RAZR M currently does not enjoy that privilege. However, the Motorola development community has always been able to flash custom ROMs on Motorola devices by using Safestrap recovery despite locked bootloaders, and now Safestrap recovery for the RAZR M has been released by developer @Hashcode.

Safestrap recovery bypasses the main partition on the phone where the stock ROM is installed, and installs custom ROMs on virtual partitions on the internal SD card, thus allowing users to boot into custom ROMs by bypassing the official ROM installed on the device. However, Safestrap recovery for the RAZR M is currently in the testing stage and only allows backing up and restoring ROMs, with more functions to be added later on, and a few issues could exist in it for now.

Let’s take a look at how Safestrap recovery can be downloaded and installed on the RAZR M.

How to Download and Install Safestrap Recovery on RAZR M

  1. Make sure your RAZR M is rooted. Head to this link for instructions on how to root the RAZR M.
  2. Download the Safestrap recovery installer APK file, which will be installed to flash the actual recovery on the phone.
    Download Link
  3. Copy the .apk file downloaded in step 2 to the phone.
  4. Enable “Unknown sources” under the Settings » Security menu on the device, so that you can install apps from the SD card.
  5. You’ll need a file manager to browse through SD Card. You can install OI file manager or ES File Explorer or any other file manager app from the Play Store if needed.
  6. Open file manager and navigate to where you transferred Safestrap recovery’s APK file in Step 3. Tap on the file to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute.
  7. Once installation is completed, run Safestrap Recovery app by clicking on its icon in the apps menu.
  8. Grant the app root access by pressing the Allow/Grant button when prompted. Root access is needed to be able to install recovery.
  9. Then, hit the “Install Recovery” button in the app, which will install Safestrap recovery on your RAZR M. You should see the status changed to “Installed” once recovery has been installed.
  10. To check out recovery, you can reboot the device from within the app, then when the phone boots up you will see a splash screen, from where you will be able to choose between entering recovery or booting normally.

Safestrap recovery is now installed on your RAZR M, though like stated above, you won’t be able to do anything except backup and restore your currently installed ROM. Do try it out, and don’t forget to visit the source link for more info and updates on Safestrap recovery.


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