Download LG USB driver for Windows and Mac

Although, the recent versions of both Windows and Mac systems come with USB drivers pre-installed for a variety of devices and manufacturers. But there are still chances of a conflict between other device drivers you may have installed or a corrupt software on your PC that could lead to connection issues with your Android device manufacturer. Anyway, the best remedy to resolve driver issue is to get the latest driver version installed for your device on your PC.

If you’re facing an issue connecting your LG Android device over USB to your Windows PC or Mac, then get the latest LG USB driver file from the download link below. These driver files will help you resolve all USB connection issues, be it an issue with transferring files between your PC and the device OR debugging over ADB and Fastboot.

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It is very important to have right drivers installed on your PC. To make your work easy, we have provided the LG USB driver download links for both Windows and Mac platforms. To install the driver on your system, just download and run the executable file on your computer. Also, don’t forget to reboot your PC after you’ve installed LG USB driver file.

Download LG USB Driver