Google Now APK version

Google Now is a personalized Google Search app included with Jelly Bean Android 4.1, which displays information cards to the user, relevant to their usage patterns. Information cards include movie showtimes, public alerts such as warnings of storms, earthquakes, your appointments, interesting places around you when  travelling, stock updates, as well as the ability to add your favourite sports teams and keep track of them via the Sports cards, and a lot more.

XDA member decalex has put up an updated Google Now APK file, pulled from a Nexus 7 system dump, over at his XDA thread, for those who want to manually install it. So if you’re running an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on your phone, you can download it and install it on your device and check out what new cards the updated version of Google Now brings.

Here’s how you can install the updated Google Now app, as quoted from decalex’s XDA thread:

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Google Now[/button]

Recommended Installation
• Back up your current version (Google Search) with Titanium Backup
• Uninstall your current version
• Install this apk normally
*I used adb install, but should work just by running it.
• Enjoy all of the new features

So there you have it. Try out the new Google Now and let us know if you find any interesting new cards that weren’t there in your earlier version.