Download Android M Ringtones

You may still be waiting for the Lollipop update on your Android device but it isn’t the latest version of Android anymore. Google has now announced the Android M release at Google IO 2015 keynote a few hours ago as a developer preview and has already made it available for download for a variety of Nexus devices.

As ya all know, new version of Android usually means new stuff on the inside like wallpapers, ringtones and new apps as well sometimes. We’re digging through the Android M system dump right now for new stuff, we’re sure we’d find plenty, but let’s start with the common stuff first — the ringtones.

Download the Android M ringtones for your Android device, basically every device regardless of Operating System would work. But for Android devices, just download the file from the link below, extract it and transfer the content to “media » audio” folder on your Android device.

 icon-download Download Android M Ringtones

What you’ll get in the package:

  • 24 UI tones
  • 12 Ringtones
  • 11 Notification tones
  • 8 Alarm tones
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