Does Just Cause 4 Have Multiplayer?

We’re just about approaching Just Cause 4’s second birthday, and with it, many players are wondering if they’re still stuck going it solo in Just Cause 4’s rich, sci-fi world or, by hook or by crook, there exists a way to finally share the adventure with others.

Just Cause 2 and 3, while being officially single-player, eventually sported unofficial mods that made for a widely celebrated multiplayer experience that, though not without problems, helped contribute to enduring popularity for both installments.

Does Just Cause 4 Have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Just Cause 4 did not and, safe to say, never will support multiplayer play. This sad fact is not only in-line with all previous editions of the game, but further cemented by two other factors: Just Cause 4’s sales were markedly lower than anticipated, disincentivizing further development on the game at this point, and the fact that Just Cause 4 was a physics-based nightmare for the new engine.

With all of the objects that can be tethered together, interacting through a vast multitude of calculations,  it’s hard to imagine trying to synchronize players online considering how many issues plagued Just Cause 4 offline in regards to frame rate and other bugs.

Throw in the fact that players are now shifting over to the next-gen consoles and it can be considered beyond certain that Just Cause 4 will never have multiplayer.

Just Cause 4 Multiplayer Mod

The final glimmer of hope on the horizon of those lonely players praying for a Just Cause multiplayer mod experience was the prospect of an eventual mod. These hopes were bolstered back in the day when Avalanche had actually officially endorsed the creators of the multiplayer mods for Just Cause 2 and 3, even hiring one of them.

Sadly, the disappointingly low playerbase, technical issues, and the fact that we’ve already gone two full years without seeing one suggests without much leeway that even the slim chances of the multiplayer mod are just about winked out.

Bummed about Just Cause 4? A lot of people are. Share your pain with others on the still-thriving Just Cause 3 multiplayer community, and sing of what might have been. 

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