Desktop Visualizer + PolaDroid Icon Set – Nothing Beats It on Your Android Home Screen!

PolaDroid 2

Want your android phone to be most fancied handset around? Decorate you phone’s home screen with the Desktop Visualizer and the very cool PolaDroid Icon Set. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Download the PolaDroid ICON pack
  2. Extract it and save it in the sdcard, anywhere you like it
  3. Download and install the Desktop Visualizer android app for FREE from the android market
  4. Go to home screen and long press screen to bring a pop-up. Select Widgets –> select large widget of desktop visualizer
  5. Tap the ‘Select Icon’ and select an image from the Icon Pack you downloaded and extracted above
  6. Tap the ‘Select Action’ to link an application or other function to the image
  7. Complete other options or leave them as default and hit OK.
  8. Get more than one wallpaper and use the Launcher Pro Plus to allow them to overlap each other — it will create the same effect as in the images


There you have a nice home screen where cool images are overlapping each other as widgets and serve purpose too as application shortcuts. Let us know how much you loved this and do share with us, your fav images you use in this trick.

Via XDA Blog

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