Convert any GIF to Boot Animation for your Android Device with Gif2Boot

Custom boot animations has always been one of our favorite thing to do when it comes customizing Android devices with the power of root. A custom boot animation let’s you replace your device’s default boot animation that you see whenever you boot/reboot your device, for example on Samsung devices you see “Samsung” with some animation around.

Thanks to reddit user eth0izzle for creating an online tool that makes it dead simple for anyone to convert a .gif image into a boot animation for Android devices. The tool, Gif2Boot, is launched as an alpha at this time, but it already seems to work just fine for everyone.

Gif2Boot can create boot animation for all display resolutions including Quad HD to screens as small as the Moto 360 and other Android wear watches. Using the website is simple, just select the display resolution, upload the .gif file within a few seconds you’ll get your boot animation .zip file ready for use. Below is a complete step-by-step guide:


  1. Download and save the .gif file on your computer.
  2. Go to this website →
  3. Select the display resolution of your device.
  4. Drag and drop your .gif on the website where it says “Gimme a gif.” or just click there to select the .gif file you want to convert.
  5. Your request will now be processed, and a “” file will be downloaded on your computer once processing finishes.


Now that you’ve a custom boot animation ready, follow the steps below to install it on your device.


  1. Download and install any root explorer, we recommend the free ES File explorer app →
    └ If you decide to use ES file explorer, then don’t forget to enable root explorer from the left slide-in menu on the app.
  2. Open the app and go to /system/media folder.
  3. Rename the “” to “”. This is to keep a backup of your current boot animation.
  4. Now copy/paste the custom file you created to this directory /system/media/
  5. Change permission of the file to 644 (rw-r–r–) as shown in screenshot below:
    Permissions 644
  6. Reboot your device.

That’s all. Enjoy!

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