Colorful WhatsApp Text-only Status feature is now live

After much hullabulla, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the colorful Text Status feature. The feature is available on all versions above 2.17.297 on Android.

The Text Status feature on WhatsApp is similar to the new Facebook status. You write some text, choose a background color, change the font, add an emoji and your Text Status is ready on WhatsApp.

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Of course, WhatsApp earlier allowed text on pictures but Text Status is different. For starters, you cannot add images and videos to text status, you can, however, change the background color of your text and add links to the status. In addition to that, you can change the font of the text and add emojis.

There is no change in the normal Status feature on Whatsapp. However, yes, Whatsapp recently added filters to its app, so yep, you get those in the normal status.

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The Text-only Status feature is present under the “Status” tab on WhatsApp. At the bottom, you will see two floating buttons; one with a pencil icon for creating a Text Status, while the one with a camera icon is for creating a normal Status.

To create a new Text Status, open the Status tab, tap the pencil icon and type your text. To change the background color, tap the color palette icon at the bottom. To change the font of the text, tap the Text (T) icon and similarly to add a smiley tap the smiley icon. Once you are done editing your status, tap the green floating icon at the bottom right corner to add it to your “Status”. Like normal WhatsApp status, Text Status will also disappear after 24 hours.

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If you are on version number 2.17.297+ and still are not able to create WhatsApp Text Status, Force Close WhatsApp by going into device Settings – Apps- WhatsApp and tap Force Close. However, if you are using an older version (less than 2.17.297), you should download the latest version from the link given below. To check you WhatsApp version, open WhatsApp, go to Settings followed by Help and tap App info.

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