Clockworkmod Recovery and Root for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is highly anticipated, with pre-orders already started in the US and India. With such popularity, there’s no doubt the Android community developers are going to get right on to making custom ROMs and other modifications when they get their hands on the Note 2. To install custom ROMs and other modifications, people will need a custom recovery, and ClockworkMod recovery has already released for the Note 2 before its release, by XDA Forum Member Chenglu.

Chenglu was able to get his hands on a Galaxy Note 2 from his friend and immediately ported over ClockworkMod recovery to it, rooted it, and released a kernel which includes both root and recovery for everyone to use, at least once they get their hands on the device when it gets released.

The kernel can be flashed on the Galaxy Note 2 via Odin to get ClockworkMod recovery. Flashing it will increase the binary flash counter on the device and void its warranty, so if you somehow have a Galaxy Note 2 in your possession somehow, it would be better to wait till a method to reset the binary counter comes out.

Head to the source page on XDA to get more details as well as to download the ClockworkMod recovery-enabled and rooted kernel if needed.