Clear Pics of Droid X, Stated to be Released in July

Droid X

We saw it in blurry pics and inside the Verizon’s Inventory system. If you rued that we did not provide you with any CLEAR pictures of the device when we confirmed that Motorola’s Droid Shadow/Xtreme is in fact, the Droid X, we make up for it here with some clearest pics you would see of a really extreme phone.

It looks prettier than anything we saw recently in Android and might seriously challenge the hyped super AMOLED screen of Galaxy S by Samsung. Beautiful design, lovely screen, sleek, etc now, that’s really an extreme phone. You have our sympathy, Droid 2.

You already know it dons a QWERTY keyboard while admirable thin at 9.3 mm. The word on the street is Moto is planning to launch its Droid successors sometime in July while the training for insiders begin in the June end.

Android 2.1 is confirmed with the support for HDMI output but the screen is what garnering more attention than anything else around it. No, it is not an AMOLED screen and very possibly, is the same IPS screen you loved on Droid but looks very great and noticeably better than the Droid’s.

Droid X model number and android 2.1

We can’t help you from salivating after you shave seen so much of Droid X, but we hope we count you in, now. Keep watching this space for more on pricing and confirmed release date.

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