Check if your Phone is compatible with Android Wear!

One of the most talked things in the Google I/O was the Android Wear! And Google has shown us a software preview and also made two of the smartwatches available for pre-order from Play Store, Many of you might not be sure that your phone works fine with Android Wear. Thankfully, Google has made it very simple for us to check if our device works with a Android wear devices.

First of all, you need an Android device, other platforms are not currently supported by Android Wear. Follow these steps from your device (not from a PC) :

  1. Go to from your Android device.
  2. The site will show two big check marks if your device is compatible.

If you are on Android 4.3 and above, the chances are your device is compatible with Android Wear, and would be ready by updating your Google Play Services. This means that you should only worry if you are running on old devices that are not updated to Android 4.3. And one more thing, make sure you are using the default browser or Chrome.