ChatGPT Is Rolling Out a “Memory” Function to Make Responses More Personal to You

In a blog post on Tuesday, OpenAI announced that it’s rolling out a “Memory” feature inside ChatGPT that’s designed to remember specific things from your conversation. This way, you can pick up where you left off as ChatGPT will now be able to respond to your queries based on your preferences and needs. 

With Memory, ChatGPT can recall past discussions and remember key details about users and their conversations over time. The feature is currently being tested among a select group of ChatGPT free and ChatGPT Plus users and the company has shared that a broader roll-out is on the cards. 

The new functionality extends beyond mere recollection; it adapts and improves with each interaction. From noting preferences in meeting formats to generating birthday card ideas based on personal interests, ChatGPT’s memory enhances its ability to assist users across various contexts. 

OpenAI has addressed privacy concerns beforehand by stating that a user’s memory won’t be linked to specific conversations and can be deleted or managed at the user’s discretion. To give you full control, ChatGPT will let you enable or disable the memory function at any time and you can even opt out of data collection to dictate what information ChatGPT retains. 

You can avoid specific conversations from being scanned by the memory function using temporary chats. Additionally, you can manage the memories by simply asking ChatGPT to forget them or by manually deleting specific memories from ChatGPT settings. 

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