Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

Factory Reset Honor 7X

Factory resetting your device can help in several ways since you could get rid of major bugs or even make your device perform a tad faster if you haven’t reset the device in several months.

When you factory reset your device, you completely erase everything stored on the device including, apps, documents, images, videos, etc.

At times you might end up having to perform a factory data reset without backing up any of your files on the device or if you’ve already performed a factory data reset and are wondering if you can recover the erased data, then we’re about to answer that question for you.

Is data gone?

We’ll keep this short and simple. Whenever we install a piece of software or add data onto out storage drives and later ‘delete’ the files, the data never really gets erased completely. The file data simply is made invisible to the system after the reset as it is “turned off” which the system doesn’t show us any files anymore. Thus, we can no longer access the files once after the reset.

However, they are still there and can be recovered too. There are data recovery tools available that help in re-enabling those deleted files so that they are accessible once again.

So, it is possible to recover some data after factory resetting your device; however, it might be a fairly tricky process with varying degrees of success.

Can you recover data after a factory reset?

Yes, you can. You may not be able to recover the data fully, but even partial recovery would do some good, right?

As you may know, performing a factory reset completely erases all the data from your device. However, not all hope is completely lost since if you really want to get back some important files, then you could do so.

The only catch is that the process is fairly tricky and your device must be rooted before you try and use any recovery tool to help recover the lost data.

Software that specializes in data recovery let you recover deleted files from your Android device. These software tools help scan and recover any data which was on the device.

recovery data after reset

How to undelete and recover data?

Well, while the data is recoverable mostly partially, you can’t do it all by yourself.

You need to take help of specialized software to extract any useful data after the reset. A simple Google search (click here) on the matter may help you find data recovery software.

We haven’t tested any of this software, but you can google the reviews of each software appearing in Google search result for this, and then decide for yourself.

That’s all about recovering data after a factory reset.


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