Does a factory reset make your phone faster?

Android phones these days are fairly powerful and even the budget devices are fairly decent performers as well. However, you might start noticing the device beginning to lag after a few months and even most Android flagships aren’t immune to this.

We’ve all heard that if our phones slow down we should perform a factory data reset to make the phone faster. This does seem to be a solution you’d find almost every time you search for a way to make your Android device faster.

If you’re stuck wondering whether or not this actually works or is just a simple myth, then we’re here to help. Well, we will answer this question as straightforwardly as possible.

Let’s check out once in for all if a factory reset can actually make your phone faster.

Does a factory reset make the phone faster?

Factory Reset Honor 7X

Over a period of time, our devices start slowing down a bit due to the fact that we end up installing a bunch of different apps and services which often bog down the performance of our devices.

Apart from apps and services, there’s also a build-up of cache and unwanted files which take away precious space on the device hence after a few months or a year of using your Android device, you might encounter more lags and stutter when navigation around and opening applications.

Performing a factory data reset helps in completely erasing everything on the device and restoring all the settings and data back to its default.

Doing this does help the device perform a tad better than when it was loaded with apps and software which you might have installed over a period of time.

Factory resetting the device might help improve the performance from its current state; however, it might not necessarily ‘make your phone faster‘ but it would rather help in bringing back similar performance as when you first booted the device.

Should you perform a factory data reset?

Factory resetting your device isn’t just meant to help make the device faster since performing a factory reset can help solve a few other issues you might experience as well.

More often than not, we might end up with a bug caused due to a software update or a system app might completely go bonkers which might not be able to be fixed with a reboot or by clearing the cache. In such cases performing a factory data reset might be the only way to make things work normally once again.

So to answer the question of whether or not to perform a factory data reset, we suggest resetting your device at least once a year to keep things running as smooth as before.

However, if you encounter a major bug, then you might have to perform a factory data reset in any case.


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