How to Block Push Notifications from Websites on Chrome for Android

Getting notified directly on your phone when your favorite website is updated sounds amazing. But it can often get pretty annoying when you get notifications from several websites you subscribe to for push notifications.

Push notifications are good only for the sites which don’t publish much articles in a day. If you’ve subscribed to a website that publishes a new article every few minutes/hours (think News sites), then it’ll probably annoy you until you block push notifications from the website.

If you subscribed for push notifications from Chrome for Android, it’s fairly easy to block site notifications from site settings under Chrome app.

How to Block Push Notifications from Websites on Android

  1. Open Chrome app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu on top-right corner of screen and select Settings from there.
  3. From settings screen, go to Site settings » Notifications.
  4. Here you’ll see a list of all websites you’ve subscribed to push notifications from under the Allowed section.
  5. Select the website you wish to block notifications from.
  6. Tap on Notifications (under Permissions settings) and select Block to block notifications from the website.

That’s it. You’ll no longer receive notifications from the website you blocked using the guide above on Chrome for Android.

Happy Androiding!

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Shivam Malani

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