BlackBerry KEYone keyboard update adds support for swipe to type

BlackBerry has released a new update for its BlackBerry Keyboard app for the BlackBerry KEYone, which brings new features and improvements.

The KEYone has a physical keyboard as well as a virtual keyboard. In the new BlackBerry Keyboard update, users can now finally use Swipe to type on the physical keyboard. Although it isn’t as accurate or smooth as the virtual one, it’s still a good addition.

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The option to enable the Swipe gestures in the Physical keyboard is available in the Settings app. You may need to disable the Keyboard gestures if you’re using swipe on keyboard, as it may cause hinder you while typing.

The update also fixes a bug where users were forced to use the Virtual keyboard in apps such as Snapchat. This mean that most of the screen estate was taken up by the virtual keyboard. However, now you can simply use the physical keyboard in such apps.

Finally, the swipe gestures on the physical keyboard now allow you to adjust settings within the camera app, which is pretty nice. That’s all the new features and enhancements in the new BlackBerry Keyboard update for the BlackBerry KEYone.

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