Black Oppo Find 5 is looking to steal your heart!

Remember the Oppo Find 5, the super high-end Android smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Oppo that was the first device to be seen with a 1080p display? Apart from top of the line specs, the Find 5 had stunning design and looks that helped make it feel like a really premium smartphone.

Now, Oppo has done something that makes the Find 5 even more desirable – the smartphone is now available in the colour black and oh boy, it is now drop dead gorgeous and even more beautiful than before, something I thought wasn’t possible.

Perhaps the thing that helps the most in this black colour variant is the lack of any logos or buttons on the front of the device, similar to devices like the Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone, making it look like a sleek slab of glass made with the utmost of love and care. Couple that with the low $500 price point and it becomes an even greater deal that is hard to resist.

The black Oppo Find 5 will first launch in China on April 5, followed by a release in other markets. There’s no confirmation on which markets though, and if its current status is anything to go by, I think people will have to fly to China in order to get one, or try their luck on eBay or Craiglist.

Take a look at some of the pictures of this beautiful piece of machinery below, and let the drooling commence!

Via: Phandroid