Bixby Simplified and Standard settings options is gone now!

You can love it or hate it (you probably hate it), but there’s no denying that Samsung is dead-serious about making Bixby the answer to Google Assistant. While the smart assistant may not be as versatile as its competitor, Bixby has managed to become a standard for several Galaxy users due to the fact that the Samsung has integrated Bixby with its devices quite seamlessly.

In the early days of Bixby, users had the option to select the Simplified Mode and Standard Mode for the smart assistant. However, it seems that the newer version of Bixby has gotten rid of this feature entirely, and now all you have is the regular Bixby settings. We hope that one day Bixby will become the smart assistant that users deserve, but until then, you can either use the half-baked product or disable it.

We’ve made a video guide to help you easily disable Bixby for good on your Galaxy S9 and S9+, but the guide is perfectly acceptable for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 as well.

How to properly disable Bixby on Galaxy S9 and S9+
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