Bing Deep Search Goes Live for All Users

What to know

  • Bing Deep Search, a gen-AI search feature that allows deeper, richer exploration of the web, is now live for all users.
  • Click on the ‘Deep search’ option next to the search field to try it out.
  • Bing Deep Search can take up to 30 seconds to deliver search results. 

After extensive testing, Bing Deep Search is now officially available to all users. The optional gen-AI search feature is designed specifically for complex queries and research that traditional ‘search’ may find hard to handle. To deep search the web, enter your query into Bing search and click on the Deep search option next to the field.

Deep Search on Bing is available on all browsers (not just Microsoft Edge) and allows for a more extensive scouring of the web. Such deeper, richer exploration isn’t as snappy as your regular search – understandably so – and may take up to 30 seconds depending on the query. The current iteration of Bing Deep Search is still faster than how it was playing out only a few weeks earlier with testers. 

In our testing, Deep Search took an average of 20 seconds, which is nothing much to write home about, especially for general users who want the information available to them within a few seconds. But for researchers and scholars alike, this search tool could well be what the doctor ordered, even if it does take a little bit of time.

It’s important to note that Bing Deep Search isn’t meant to replace regular search, but is meant to complement it. So if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for with regular search, give deep search a try. 

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