10 Best Security Cameras That Work With Alexa and Google Assistant

When it comes to home security nowadays, the smart money is on smart cameras. Integrating your security systems with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant provides unmatched access to your home, families, and businesses while you’re away or checking up on suspicious activity in your vicinity.

But not all security cameras are created equal, and not everyone is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. To help you make the smart choice and find the right camera for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best security cameras with just such compatibility.

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Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa/Google Assistant

Down below is our handpicked list of the best virtual assistant-compatible security cameras over a range of price points and use-cases. If, by the end of this article, you have any questions about what camera would be best for your unique setup and situational needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments!

Blink Mini

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Blink Mini

  • Brand: Blink
  • Price: $34.99
  • Camera Type: Indoor Camera
  • Compatibility: Alexa

The Blink Mini is an incredibly affordable, dependable indoor camera and the most popular one within Blink’s lineup of cameras for good reason. An Amazon company, all of the Blink products automatically come with seamless Alexa integration right out of the box and a set up as easy as plugging it in, connecting it to Wi-Fi and adding it to your Blink app.

The Mini itself records 1080p video with motion detection, night vision, and 2-way audio for checking in while away. Indeed, for Alexa users looking for a perfect coupling of simplicity and affordability, the Blink Mini is certainly worth considering. 

Buy: Blink Mini

Ring Stick Up Cam

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Ring Stick Up Cam

  • Brand: Ring
  • Price: $148.99
  • Camera Type: Outdoor Camera
  • Compatibility: Alexa

A paramount element in any security system is, of course, dependability. Being solar powered and IP 66 weatherproof, Ring’s new Stick Up Cam can leave you with peace of mind that, come hell or high water, your camera system will remain vigilant. The highly-rated Stick Up Cam records 1080p HD video and comes with motion detection, night vision, 2-way audio and all without the need to charge it — ever.

Another unique feature of the Ring Stick Up Cam is its customizable privacy zones for sensitive areas you don’t want to be recorded. All in all, the Ring Stick Up Cam is a solid option for those looking for a reliable, premium option from one of the biggest names in home surveillance.

Buy: Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home ring floodlight

  • Brand: Ring
  • Price: $199.99
  • Camera Type: Outdoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa

For those who take home defense a little more seriously, the ring floodlight camera offers extra functionality over most of its competitors. While recording 1080 P HD video with live stream capabilities, the Ring Floodlight camera eradicates blind spots in your vicinity and comes with a remote-activated siren to ward off intruders in case of emergency.

While a little more expensive, with integrated Alexa compatibility and A ring protect subscription plan, the ring floodlight camera offers possibly the most stringent home defense capabilities money can buy in a single camera. 

Buy: Ring Floodlight Cam

Google Nest Indoor Cam

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home

  • Brand: Google Nest
  • Price: $127
  • Camera Type: Indoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home

While it’s definitely a little more expensive than many other plug-in wireless cameras, the Google Nest indoor camera — unsurprisingly — offers seamless integration with both Google Assistant, Google Home, and Alexa. Specs-wise, it’s not too shabby either.

With 1080p video, motion/sound detection and night vision and a 130° wide-angle FOV, the Nest Indoor Camera delivers the essentials alongside complete reliability and excellent customer service.

Buy: Google Nest Indoor Cam

Google Nest Outdoor Cam

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Nest Outdoor

  • Brand: Google Nest
  • Price: $199.00
  • Camera Type: Outdoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home

On the ornery hand, we have the outdoor counterpart to the Google Nest Indoor Cam. In terms of features, the outdoor variant is comparable to the indoor cam, with 1080p video, night vision and sound/motion detection with a 130° FOV. What separates the two is really the weatherproofing. Hardwired to power and with exceptional build quality, Users can count on the Google Nest Outdoor Cam to stay reliable all year round.

Buy: Google Nest Outdoor Cam

Wyze Cam v2

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home

  • Brand: Wyze
  • Price: $25.98
  • Camera Type: Indoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant 

If the Google Nest series of cameras are a little out of your price range, the Wyze V2 offers similar functionality at a much more affordable price point. Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, the Wyze Cam records at 1080p with a 110° FOV and supports 24/7 stream, motion /sound detection with 12 seconds automatic clip recording when triggered as well as 30′ night vision and 2-way audio.

So it’s feature-rich and for a price that’s hard to beat — and backed by a large and enthusiastic customer base.

Buy: Wyze Cam v2

Dragon Touch OD10

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Dragon Touch OD10

  • Brand: Dragon Touch
  • Price: $49.99
  • Camera Type: Outdoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant

Almost as badass as it sounds, the Dragon Touch OD10 comes with a potent assortment of home defense features that provide tremendous value for the price point. The areas in which the Dragon Touch notably outperforms many competitors is its 360° coverage, with 355° pan, 90° tilt, and 4x zoom, and the 66′ night vision radius — over double the standard range.

These two features, when combined with the floodlight, eradicate almost all blindspots from its FOV. On top of all that, the Dragon Touch cam offers the usual bevy of features: 1080p, motion detection, 2-way audio and IP65 weatherproofing.

Buy: Dragon Touch OD10

Teckin Cam

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Teckin

  • Brand: Teckin
  • Price: $39.99
  • Camera Type: Indoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home

The best thing about the Teckin Cam 2-pack is the value for money it provides. The indoor, 1080p cam offers the now-predictable lineup of industry standards features — 32′ night vision, sound/motion detection with automatic recording, and 2-way audio — but at just about $20 per cam.

Each cam also supports local storage on a 128GB local MicroSD in case you don’t want to opt for a cloud subscription. A solid option for those looking for easy-to-set-up, dirty cheap nanny cams, pet/baby monitors, etc.

Buy: Teckin Cam

Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera 

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home Zmodo

  • Brand: Zmodo
  • Price: $59.39 (about $30 per camera)
  • Camera Type: Outdoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa

The Zmodo wireless security pack offers customers a powerful security package at a more accessible price point than is usual for its features.

The standout features of the IP66 weatherproof camera are its AI-powered object recognition that differentiates between humans, pets, faces and vehicles (though this feature requires a Zmodo Cloud subscription) and the extended, 65′ night vision with smart IR-cut to drastically enhance low-light visual quality. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with the Zmodo wireless pack.

Buy: Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera 

EufyCam 2 Pro

Best Security Cameras that Work with Alexa and Google Home eufy

  • Brand: Eufy 
  • Price: $149.99
  • Camera Type: Outdoor
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit

While expensive up-front, the EufyCam 2 Pro comes with absolutely zero monthly fees and is a heck of a feature-rich camera to boot. It comes with 2K resolution, AI-powered object recognition and image enhancement, programmable activity zones for more efficient storage, and complete compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

It also has the added distinctions of being 100% wireless with 365-day battery life and next-gen night vision with enhanced resolution and IR-cut. But aside from its great features, what makes the EufyCam 2 Pro great is its commitment to verifiable privacy; all data is stored and processed locally but remains accessible to you through a 256-bit encrypted transmission. No extra fees, no headaches, a whole lot of power — there’s a reason the EufyCam 2 is as popular and well-liked as it is.

Buy: EufyCam 2 Pro

Still haven’t found the security camera you need? Let us know the kind of specs/features you’re looking for or the unique security needs you’re trying to meet — we’d love to help!

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