Best Prompts to Create AI Music With Stable Audio

What to know

  • Stable Audio is a generative AI audio platform developed by the same company that hosts the image creation tool Stable Diffusion – Stability AI. 
  • Here’s how to get started with and use Stable Audio to make your first AI audio.
  • With Stable Audio, you can use descriptive texts to create music that’s composed of different instruments and sound effects. 
  • You can specify detailed aspects of the music you want to generate using emotional terms, type of music, instruments to use, and beats per minute. 
  • Check out the post below to learn the prompts you can use to generate music inside Stable Audio. 

Things you should consider for making music on Stable Audio

Stable Audio is trained to generate a piece of audio using textual descriptions. The platform relies on a diffusion model that also powers Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion with text-to-image generation. In Stable Audio’s instance, this diffusion model is trained with a huge dataset of audio files instead of images to generate parts of a song, instrumentals, or sound effects. 

As usual, your creation will be as good as the prompt you use to generate them inside Stable Audio. So, if you wish to create something unique or catchy, you need to develop a description that best explains what you want to make using this tool. To create the best prompts for creating AI music on Stable Audio, you can follow these guidelines:

  1. Add details about your music: The main part of scripting a prompt is how you describe the kind of music you want to create and the levels of specificity you use in your description. When creating a prompt for Stable Audio, you must make sure that you mention the genre (Rock, Classical, Country, etc.), type of track (soundtrack, individual stem, ringtone, etc.), instruments (Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, etc.), and a clear description of what you want to make.  
  2. Set the perfect mood for your music: You can also combine the music description with emotional terms to set the mood for the track you’re about to create. You can use words like groovy, sad, rhythmic, moody, peaceful, happy, etc. to change the vibe of the track that you generate. 
  3. Select what instruments to include: Stable Audio can generate music the same way you imagined it if you specify the kind of instruments you want to hear inside your track. You can use simple keywords like Synthesizer, Guitar, or Cello or create a certain kind of soundtrack by mentioning the specificity of the instruments used like Reverbed Synthesizer Pad Chords, Driving Gated Drum Machine, Reverberated Guitar, Swelling Strings, etc.
  4. Adjust your song’s tempo with BPM: To control the tempo of the soundtrack you create, you can mention the beats per minute in your input prompts. For instance, you can mention “170 BPM” in your prompt, if you’re creating music consisting of drums and bass. 

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Best prompts to create AI music with Stable Audio

Here are some of the best prompts you can use to create music using Stable Audio’s Artificial Intelligence. We’ve categorized these prompts into different categories depending on the kind of audio you want to generate. 

Best prompts to create full instrumental audio

  • Synthpop, Big Reverbed Synthesizer Pad Chords, Driving Gated Drum Machine, Atmospheric, Moody, Nostalgic, Cool, Club, Striped-back, Pop Instrumental, 100 BPM
  • Ambient Techno, meditation, Scandinavian Forest, 808 drum machine, 808 kick, claps, shaker, synthesizer, synth bass, Synth Drones, beautiful, peaceful, Ethereal, Natural, 122 BPM, Instrumental
  • Post-Rock, Guitars, Drum Kit, Bass, Strings, Euphoric, Up-Lifting, Moody, Flowing, Raw, Epic, Sentimental, 125 BPM
  • Trance, Ibiza, Beach, Sun, 4 AM, Progressive, Synthesizer, 909, Dramatic Chords, Choir, Euphoric, Nostalgic, Dynamic, Flowing
  • 90s rock song with electric guitar and heavy drums
  • a light and cheery EDM track, with syncopated drums, airy pads, and strong emotions bpm: 130
  • Warm soft hug, comfort, low synths, twinkle, wind and leaves, ambient, peace, relaxed, water
  • Disco, Driving Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Guitars, Instrumental, Clubby, Euphoric, Chicago, New York, 115 BPM
  • Ambient house, new age, meditation, advertisement, 808 drum machine, 808 kick, claps, shaker, synthesizer, synth bass, soaring lead heavily reverbed, modern, sleek, beautiful, inspiring, futuristic
  • 3/4, in 3, 3 beat, guitar, drums, bright, happy, claps
  • Lofi hip hop beat, chill hop
  • Calm meditation music to play in a spa lobby
  • lofi slow bpm electro chill with organic samples
  • An 80s driving pop song with heavy drums and synth pads in the background
  • epic trailer music intense tribal percussion and brass
  • lofi hip hop beat melodic chill hop 85 BPM
  • A cheerful country song with acoustic guitars
  • Modern, pop rock song with hard pounding drums, swirling delayed guitar rhythms, positive, uplifting instrumental, 
  • death metal power chord guitar riffs fast metal drums
  • soundtrack based on human-machine collaboration
  • A retro track from the 1950s/1960s made of flutes, strings, xylophone, glockenspiel & rhythm
  • Lively, energetic marching band music with fast tempo, drum breaks, horns, colorful
  • EDM soundtrack using natural ambient sounds
  • Upbeat soundtrack for a pop song

Best prompts to create individual stems

  • An instrumental song using <a specific instrument>
  • Electric guitar top line solo instrumental, no drums, Classic Rock, 105 BPM, Grade: Featured, Instruments: Guitar
  • 116 BPM rock drums loop clean production
  • Piano solo chord progression major key uplifting 90 BPM
  • Samba percussion
  • Drum solo
  • A solo instrumental of saxophone in a jazz song
  • Lo-fi song with organic samples, saxophone solo
  • An electronic instrumental inspired by the <movie name>
  • An electronic track with influences from opera
  • An EDM track with euphoric synth drops and a pulsating bassline
  • An energetic simple, repetitive guitar riff for a dance piece 
  • Powerful soundtrack with real orchestra, orchestral effects

Best prompts to create sound effects 

  • an airplane pilot speaking over the intercom
  • people talking in a busy restaurant
  • male speaking with many people cheering in the background
  • Fireworks, 44.1k high fidelity
  • Car passing by
  • a man is speaking while typing on a keyboard
  • a cat meowing and a young female speaking
  • Explosion
  • Ringtone
  • footsteps on a wooden floor
  • dog barking
  • cars honking
  • a man speaking followed by another man speaking in the background as a motorcycle engine runs idle
  • Sirens and a humming engine approach and pass
  • man speaking in the background as a motorcycle engine runs idle
  • whistling with the wind blowing
  • a baby continuously crying
  • a duck quacking as birds chirp and a pigeon cooing
  • the siren of an emergency vehicle
  • a man speaks as birds chirp and dogs bark
  • continuous laughter and chuckling
  • thundering sounds while rain pours
  • typing on a typewriter
  • the rhythmic and repeated ticktock of a clock
  • railroad crossing signal followed by a train passing and blowing the horn

That’s all you need to know about the prompts you can use to generate AI music with Stable Audio. 

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