Best Extensions for Safari on Your iPhone and iPad

You can use extensions on Safari on your iPhone and iPad, beginning with iOS 15. We have handpicked some of the best ones for you right now, and even though most of these extensions are ad blockers and content blockers, it’s exciting to be able to get your hands on add-ons stuff, on your phone, right? Let’s check some cool Safari extensions you can use on your iPhone.

Ka-Block! – Open-source ad blocking

Worried about who gets access to your browsing data when using an adblocker? Well, Ka-Block takes this persistent thought away by using open-source scripts for adblocking. That’s right! With Ka-Block, you never have to worry about your browsing data being shared with third parties ever again. And if you are a developer, then you get the option to compile and sign your own version of Ka-Block from the Github page for some extra privacy points.

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From the makers of Tunnelbear, comes Blockbear, a comprehensive yet lightweight ad and content blocker for Safari that helps take care of all pesky ads and trackers with a single tap. Blockbear is quite comprehensive, gets regularly updated, and comes with a whitelist feature to help you whitelist your favorite websites. Blocking trackers and ads will in turn require fewer resources to be fetched from the server. This, in turn, will help you save on data while loading your pages 3x to 5x faster. And in the words of the developers themselves, “You could download another adblocker, but then you wouldn’t have a bear!”… and I guess nobody passes upon a free bear. 

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Malwarebytes mobile security

Malwarebytes mobile security is a one-stop solution for all your privacy needs. You get access to an ad blocker for Safari, spam filters for messages and calls as well as access to a phishing screening service that helps identify malicious callers and websites. If you are someone who has to go to the dark corners of the web, then there couldn’t be a better solution than Malwayrebytes mobile security for you. Malwarebytes has a premium subscription plan that gives you access to phishing and fraudulent call filter. If you opt for the free version, you will only get access to the Safari adblocker and the spam filter for iOS. 

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Our last pick for this list would be Roadblock. Roadblock is a comprehensive content blocker for Safari that allows you to customize your web browsing experience based on your needs and requirements. You can block trackers, ads, privacy banners, social widgets, and much more using Roadblock. You can also block cookies entirely and remove elements from a webpage altogether. The possibilities are simply endless. Roadblock is a must-have for users that visit multiple websites each day and would like to get straight to the content. Roadblock will help you remove all the unnecessary suggestions, carousels, widgets, and more from any webpage, which in turn will allow you to get straight to the content that you are looking for. 

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We hope you were able to find some useful extensions for Safari on iOS 15 using the list above. If you have any more suggestions to add to the list for us, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 

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