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Best Belt/holster cases for OnePlus 6

If you own a OnePlus 6 then you’re aware how its slim profile makes it really prone to accidents. It can also be nerve-wracking when your phone is in your pocket and there is a real chance of it getting damaged by you rather than a drop. That’s where holster cases come in. These cases are available in different styles and various levels of convenience as well as protection.

If you’re curious or serious about getting yourself a belt/holster case, we’ve found a few great ones that will do well:

The best OnePlus 6 Belt/holster cases

SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Case

Great construction

This case is all about the right build. It’s precisely constructed raised edges and rotatable holster make it a great case to safeguard your OnePlus 6. Users especially appreciate the way it fits and how the cutouts are in the right place. It also has a screen protector for your phone’s screen.

Go for it if you do the kind of work that could make your phone vulnerable to drops and impacts.

Buy on Amazon: $17.99

Encased OnePlus 6 Belt Clip Case

The stylish supporter

There’s a reason rugged cases don’t look this pretty. While this case looks great, it does not come with an integrated screen protector. Also it’s material cannot take on major drops because the phone’s screen is vulnerable. The kickstand and holster aspect are absolutely worth it though. So you can use this case if you like a holster for everyday use or if you may need your phone to be always easily accessible.

Buy on Amazon: $12.92

AGOZ Premium Leather Case


Functional loop

This may not be the most rugged of cases but it does have extra belt loops. It will surprise you how functional it is because you can attach it to your belt and the premium leather does not look out of place. This case will let you imagine the comfortable flipside of not having to always dig into your pockets and troubling yourself.

Buy on Amazon: $9.89

BELTRON Slim Protective Rugged Case

This BELTRON Belt Clip Holster is designed to be compatible with the OtterBox Commuter Case for the OnePlus 6. Its quick release latch allows you to easily and securely insert and remove the phone. Also, the heavy duty rotating belt clip with exclusive built-in kickstand designed to easily adjust for either right and/or left-handed use. Also, the microfiber interior lining to protect your phone’s screen from getting scratched, fingerprint stains, lint, and dust.

Buy on Amazon: $13.95

The leather case by AGOZ and rugged case by SUPCASE are two of our favorite choices and also the most diverse in the holster case spectrum. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!