Best apps and games for the week [July 15, 2019]

Best Apps

Some apps can be real game-changers, both from the perspective of functionality as well as fun. There is also no denying that the Play Store definitely has an app for every kind of person.

This list will definitely reflect the versatility of the Play Store and hopefully, help you find something that will stay on your phone for longer than a few minutes after you’ve tried it.

Best new and free Games

Check out the list of games that have released on the Play Store recently.

Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor

Gallery is a new game that has some beautiful pictures to work with. All you need to do is fill in the colors and match the numbers. Although the premise is deceptively simple, the game becomes more challenging with each painting.

This app will offer you an endless number of images and won’t bombard you with ads when you’re in the process of creating your art. Definitely, use this app to unwind and relax.

Download: Gallery


ChessFinity - Official Trailer

Another new game, ChessFinity takes normal chess to the next level. It’s basically a continuous board on which you need to make moves till you win.

This new variety is definitely intimidating in the beginning, but if you love Chess, this game is something you will absolutely love.

Download: ChessFinity

Harmony: Relaxing Melodies

Music and relaxation undoubtedly go hand in hand. That coupled with a reflecting puzzles makes Harmony a delightful game.

This app is a great way to get rid of all your anxiety and stress. Also, you can choose from different instruments depending on your mood. So do consider this one if you need a fun app to balance your mental health.

Download: Harmony

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

This one is definitely a must for simulation game lovers, especially racing fans. From a vast option in the three different series offered by the game to comprehensive gameplay, you will get everything you want from Motorsport Manager Mobile 2.

A definite upgrade over its predecessors, this version pays more attention to detail and delivers a much better experience that will keep you completely hooked.

Download: Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Best new and free Apps


This app is like a trainer without vocal encouragement and pressure. It works like a music player, with every workout timed in a playlist to finish at a certain time.

Also, the variety of workouts and simplicity of the app ensure that both amateurs and regular exercisers have something that will work for them. If not, just create a custom workout according to your needs and the app will create a playlist of the same.

Download: 321FIT

Checketry: File and Download Manager

Checketry works really well as both a remote app and download manager. The clean interface and connectivity it provides between all your devices to ensure that you’re able to keep track of everything that’s downloading make it one of the best options so far.

This app supports apps that range from Steam, EA Origin, and BattleNet to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So if you’re a gamer, this is certainly an added plus.

Download: Checketry

ruff ? — note ⤻ draft ⤻ edit ⤻ write ⤻ share

ruff is a great app for journalists and content writers who need a decent note app that can edit and save content on the go.

This app does this flawlessly thanks to how well designed it is. Also, you can a number of features for a few gestures and the user interface makes sure that you get access to whatever you need without any trouble.

Download: ruff

Voicepop – Transcribe Voice to Text

Voicepop is a recent gem that can transcribe audio messages from messengers like WhatsApp in case you cannot hear what the message is, especially in a public place.

It also offers transcription in 120 languages, so you don’t have to be an English speaker to use this app. Also, while the transcription needs some work and the recognition aspect can definitely be improved, but the app itself is pretty handy to have.

Download: Voicepop

Forest: Stay focused

Most apps require your complete attention, Forest does the exact opposite. The premise of the game demands that you spend time away from your phone if you want your tree to grow and flourish.

The app will throw time-based challenges at you and help you realize how much time you actually do spend on your phone. So if you’re trying to reduce phone addiction, definitely try this app.

Download: Forest


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