Best Android Apps to check Live Football (Soccer) Scores

Best Android Apps for Live Soccer Scores and Stats

The season is ON. Oh yeah, it’s obviously more than ON as we are already feeling its heat — for good, that is. And I just know that you are in the hunt for one or two best android apps to help you keep up with live scores, standings, top scorers and other statistics of your favorite team(s) and competition(s), including that for Barclays Premier League (England), Primera Division (or La Liga, Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany) and Ligue 1 (France).

Well, you’ll find some very cool apps that will get you notifications of goals scored, yellow/red cards given, and also for match starts and finish and everything else important between. And loads of stats. And some apps would also get you all football news from around the world, and in-match commentary.

You would find that first two android apps, Live Score Addicts and Sporee, are the best if your business is limited to live scores, notifications, and stats. But if you want news and commentary and more, then remaining two, 365scores and The Football App, got you covered very well, too.

Apart from these top 4, which we think are the best, you’ll also find mention 3 apps that cam close to being top but were left down (Yahoo Sports, Fotmob and theScore).

We’ve also added some links, right at the end of this article, for your mobile device, to help you quickly go to popular pages which we think would interest you greatly. Like. the’s football page, to help you keep up with the best in business, which might be lacking in scores centric apps.

Let’s check out the apps now.

Best Android Apps to Check Football Live Scores

Live Score Addicts Android App

Live Score Addicts

I personally like Live Score Addicts the most, it’s easily the best app for me as all I want is quick and easy way to check out live scores of my favorite teams and leagues, and I don’t mind lack of news and such stuff at all — which is absent in this app.

And what I like the most is the Media tab located just one swipe to game overview screen, featuring videos of goals scored, highlights, and also pre- and post-match interviews sometimes.

→    Download Live Score Addicts
Stand out features:
  • Great UI and options set make it simply the best app to check live scores and goal videos, or one of the best, at least, anyway. App looks very good, works very well and serves as a good companion.
  • Shows extra info like missed penalties, woodworks shots and injury breaks, too, on game screen. Cool!
  • Pin the matches, team and tournaments on respective listing screens, which is something exclusive to this app.
  • Mute the app for 2 hours, 4 hours or until 8 A.M. Yep, it’s also an exclusive feature of this app. And damn cool!
  • Also allows you to edit sounds for each type of notification: Match reminder, Lineup, Match start, Goals, Video highlights, Red cards, Half time Result and Full time result.
  • Upcoming tab under the matches section shows you next match of your favorite teams with date, which is very handy.
  • Set update frequency from 5 to 180 seconds, with 5 secs most football friendly while 180 secs most battery friendly. See the UI there, it’s cool!
  • Prioritize leagues with simply UI — just drag a team up and down as required under the ‘League & Cup Priority’ option in settings.
  • Setting up the app with fav teams and leagues is quick and easy.
  • Search teams to add quickly to favorite teams
  • Ads-free version please!!
  • More match facts and a little bit of detailed stats like the ‘The Football App’ below would be nice, although absence of it is nothing to mind really.
  • Um, date picker to jump to particular day to views its matches would be nice, or simply an addition of moving back and forth to more days than just yesterday and tomorrow respectively.

Sporee Football Live Scores Android App


If keeping tab on live scores of your favorite teams and leagues while getting pretty fast instant alerts is your thing, all in minimal, neat and beautiful interface, then you would just love Sporee. I personally use Sporee for most of the time, but often go to Live Score Addicts for vids of goals and interviews and stuff.

→    Download Sporee
Stand out features:
  • Quick view of matches for the day of favorite teams and leagues. The default screen is the best screen of this app to me.
  • Works very very swiftly. Even if you move pretty rapidly to next days by swiping across, it would load data pretty instantly.
  • Can swipe left and right to check out matches for next and previous days, not limited to tomorrow or yesterday btw. Plus, ‘select date’ option in Menu allows you to quickly move instantly to any given date to view matches that day.
  • Switching from one team to another, and same for league, is a breeze. Use the drop down at the top left on any screen and select your team from My Teams.
  • Setting up the app with favorite teams and leagues is super quick.
  • Can search a team to add it to fav or check out its recent results and upcoming fixtures.
  • Notifications tab in the app provides quick glance of all matches and their activities (goals, cards, etc.) and automatically cleans itself to remove clutter once the match finishes or when you’ve tapped on an item to view it. Access it by pressing the menu key on your phone. When you click on app’s notification in your device’s notification bar, it actually takes you directly to notifications screen only, which is good.
  • Can remove ads from the app, by either paying $1.50 for lifetime, or for a limited time by getting credits under the programme provided. Awesome!!
  • On the ‘My Games’ tab, click on the icon extreme right to the competition’s name to quickly get to view that competition’s standings table.
  • Allows you to specify activities to notify separately for Tournaments, Teams and Games. You can choose notification sound of your choice too.
  • Well, the app is very good at what it does but it could use more modern UI to conduct its business. Relying on the drop-down — located at top, slightly to right — to view Details, Line-up, Standings, Statistics, Top scorers and Previous games tabs isn’t that easy as it would be to just swipe across the device to move left and right for these options.
  • Nothing much else, but: could improve of quantity of match stats, goal highlights, commentary, match facts, etc. but no hard need as it’s probably so fast only because it concentrates on vital info than all info. Very good app, indeed.

365Scores Soccer Live Scores and News Android App

365Scores: Sports Scores & News

If you are looking for a very feature rich app, which would get you live scores notifications and all the news and videos of the matches, 365Scores is the answer. And not only soccer, you also keep up with other sports as well (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, Wimbledon, etc. competitions available, for example).

→    Download 365Scores: Sports Scores and News
Stand out features:
  • Great UI.  Cool color combinations used everywhere in the app with full and smart use of swipe feature to move between teams and leagues is one awesome thing.
  • Setup is quick and easy. Suggestions as regards popular teams and leagues proved enough for me to mark my teams and leagues as favorite without searching or browsing through any region or such.
  • Night Mode’ allows you to silent the app of any notifications for the time you specify. That’s similar to mute feature of Live Score Addicts. But an app exclusive feature, yeah.
  • Presents notifications with different icon for each activity: yellow and red cards, goals, match start, video availability, etc. Another app exclusive feature!
  • Default screen on opening the app, ‘My Selections’ gets you scores, news, videos, tweets and transfers from your fav teams, with same for your fav leagues just one tap away right there.
  • Switching from one team to another and one league to another is very easy — just click the Menu key at right-top of the app and select your fav team or league presented to you right there.
  • Menu also gets you links to dedicated categories (Scores, News, Videos, Transfers, Standing and Fixtures, Tweets and Settings) so that you get respective stuff under each for all your fav teams and league at one shot.
  • Tweets section might surprise you for good for quite a few many times!
  • Lets you define/select sound of your choice — from the available ones, that is — for each notification activity type per team and per league, and that too for each sport.
  • Even allows you to select ‘Highlights only’ when notifying about videos of goals. Yes, app exclusive!!
  • Right options available at right places throughout the app, resulting in finding info pretty quickly pretty easily. The Match screen has nice tab linked to Standings (i.e. league table) at the bottom with each swipe to left opening up the related match stuff in its right: video, lineups, stats, notifications (yes, you desperately needed it here) and comments.


  • App cannot be called smooth. While it doesn’t lags, it feels slow compared to LSA and Sporee. Internet broke for me many a times and too much loading time is required — even an extra second is too much, for me, btw.
  • Even with so much available, there is no one screen showing the all the scores and matches for the day from all fav teams and leagues, which both Live Score Alerts and Sporee do quite obviously and brilliantly. It’s the default screen in both of them, actually. ‘My Selections’ screen looks to do this job but is nowhere near.
  • Moving between dates is not cool. Date picker is badly missed.
  • The fact that Scores tab shows matches from all over world, and isn’t restricted to fav teams and fav leagues feels stupid. It should simply show no games available when there is none for fav team/league, rather than show matches from all over world, which, I must say sadly, results on unwanted clutter.
  • Lengthy navigation for regular tasks. To check a Team’s recent results as well as upcoming matches, you have to do this: press menu, select your fav team, tap on standing tab at bottom, select fixtures tab, and now select your team from the drop down at the top. No sense, you see.
  • Scores tab is not cool. It can, in my humble opinion, learn a lot from its similar fellow tabs of News and Videos as regards what info to give how.

The Football App

The Football App Android App

I guess, why you would use this app would be because of the vast stats it provides, no really, whether it’s for: a match, a team or a player. And perhaps also for the very beautiful UI that’s very easy to use — although it has its share of complains — and commentary and match facts.

But, and it’s a big but, if checking live scores of fav teams and leagues is all you want in very quick and easy way, this app might disappoint you heavily.

→    Download The Football App
Stand out features:
  • UI is awesome. And app is ultra smooth. Swipe rightwards from left edge to open up Menu, which is great. And for most part of the app, you get to swipe between options, which overall results in consistent and easy way to use the app.
  • Exclusive to this and very cool feature: the default screen, showing matches from all over world, features a nice timeline, with match timings in white, allowing you to click on the time of the day itself to jump to match starting at that time. Cool.
  • Live Stats tab in Match screen is just awesome — gets you all the stats bifurcated into: General Play, Attack, Defence, Distribution and Discipline. Stats are same by both and, so any one of these can be the source.
  • From the match tab, one can click on the team to get to team’s page to view its Rank, Points and Goals (Scored:Against) details with more info in 3 tabs: Team (Players divided into: Goalkeeper, Defense, Midfield, Offense), Results (with Upcoming Fixtures), and Stats (broken down to: Top Stats, General Play, Attack, Defence, Distribution and Discipline).
  • Commentary — aka ‘Live Ticker’ tab on match screen — is cool. Like all the news items, this is from too.
  • Media tab in the match screen gets you Match Facts, something exclusive to this app. Looks to me it comes directly from
  • News from is entertaining enough. You might want ‘the guardian’ or your fav news source but global coverage of means you won’t miss stuff too badly.
  • Notifications can be set for each team from Settings – Push Notifications, but selecting fav teams isn’t cool, and is a minute or two time consuming than it should be.
  • App exclusive feature! Only app here to allow you to refresh data only on WiFi, or even disable auto refresh. But, default — and unchangeable — 30 seconds refresh time frame for automatic data refresh, whether over WiFi or Mobile Data, might disappoint — much depending in turn on your enthusiasm for receiving notifications.
  • Quickly select a competition right from the Menu. And then you get to directly view its Schedule, Table, News, Videos, Stats and Teams option there to select from. It’s feels easy and good, and when you do it repeatedly which you get to, you might feel frustrated.
  • Schedule option under competition would list all matchdays for the competition from Matchday 1 to 38 (or whatever is last one). Click a matchday to view its fixtures. And, if you selected a team as fav for that competition, the app will show that team’s result/fixture, with tapping on it resulting on same screen. Nice!


  • Setting up the app isn’t quick. UI looks fantastic but doesn’t works quick and easy.
  • Cannot view matches of fav teams or fav leagues for a particular day.
  • Cannot browse between matchdays, only yesterday, today and tomorrow tabs available in Live Today screen, with no date picker here to quickly jump to any matchday.
  • Adding teams is a boring process. Selection process is not great and app’s beautiful UI goes missing there, replaced by boring and a bit ugly, old-time interface.
  • Competition Filter is not cool at all. No one-click option to stop listing of all leagues all over the world covered by the app. Which is why, the default screen of the app, match today, is always cluttered with unwanted stuff. Sure you can stop listing by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon for each competition under each country, but that’s simply ridiculously insane thing to do.
  • Can select only one team as my team under one competition. Though, from ‘Push Notifications’ option under settings, you can select notification for as many teams as you want for each competition.

More Apps….

Apart from the above top four, other cool apps that I spotted and thought a lot about covering here but didn’t cover as I felt they didn’t add anything much meaningful to what we got here already thanks to four apps right above, are:

Yahoo Sports

I really liked the picks tracker feature, which basically shows the geographic distribution of people who picked a team to win a given match, the pick being available at the Game screen of the app. Yahoo Sports limited in football coverage, and is friends with leagues only — doesn’t even have FA cup, for instance. Plus, much focus is on other sports.

But apart fro picks tracker feature, another app exclusive feature is 3 hours alert option, which can be specified in settings, or for any given match, too. Do it: select a league and check out the layout of dates (15+/- from today) in the app, along with the date picker option — it’s cool!


My fav in good, old and initial days of Android. I am a bit of a loss as to why I didn’t feature it above, which primarily I think is because even though the app has been updated with new UI and all, it didn’t add anything genuinely to what is already being provided by the apps covered above.

You can try it and see, it’s really good app with modern UI and all, although colors combos can be better. Would get you live scores, news, commentary, stats (not vast), etc stuff pretty good.


I love this app’s date picker, which actually highlights the days when for the month on which your fav team or league is playing. Helps you in quickly identifying matchdays that way. Coverage is very poor as regards football, as only leagues are featured and cups and other stuff simply not available.

Allows you watch players, something exclusive to this app.

What is still lacking in all apps:
  • Player Ratings
  • Leagues tables of previous years

You tell us if you find any cool app with these features worth mentioning here.

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