BeReal: Can you View Previews From Both the Cameras

BeReal has been slowly rising in ranks when it comes to social media platforms. This new viral platform of 2022 focuses on being real as the name suggests and thus allows you to share photos from the front and back camera simultaneously.

BeReal also implies a restriction of two minutes when making a BeReal post to ensure that you do not spend a lot of time curating and editing your captures. If you’re new to the platform and are using an iPhone then you might have noticed that you can’t view previews from both your cameras. Is there a way to work around this restriction? Let’s find out!

Can you View Previews From Both the Cameras in BeReal?

Unfortunately, you can no longer view previews from both your front and rear camera in BeReal. During the initial releases of BeReal, this was indeed a feature however, it was soon removed from the app with a future update. Previously, Android users could view previews from both the front and rear cameras.

This wasn’t possible on iPhones due to how third-party apps are allowed to access the Camera API. Due to these restrictions, BeReal could only show you preview from a single camera as it was only allowed to access one camera at a time. Android however did not have such a restriction which allowed Android users to view a preview of their BeReal from both front and rear cameras. 

This feature, however, has been removed from the latest versions of the Android app in favor of a more seamless experience where users can no longer view both previews when using BeReal.

As you might have guessed, you could downgrade your BeReal app to an older version where you were allowed to view previews from both cameras but that is also not the case. This seems to be a server-side change and even the oldest version of BeReal for Android no longer has this feature based on our extensive testing.

Downgrading however was never an option for iPhone users as iOS doesn’t allow you to downgrade apps.


Here are some commonly asked questions about BeReal that should help you get familiar with the app. Let’s get started.

Can you view the preview from both cameras on iPhone?

No, you can not view both previews on an iPhone. Previously Android users could view previews from both the front and rear camera but this feature has since been removed from the latest version of the app. 

Why don’t iPhones get previews from both cameras?

This is mainly due to restrictions to the Camera API which allows third-party apps to only access the front or rear camera at a given point in time. 

Can iPhone users view both previews using a workaround?

Unfortunately no, there is currently no workaround that allows you to view previews from both your front and rear camera if you’re an iPhone user. Your only option would be to use an Android device with an older version of the BeReal app to get previews from both of your cameras. 

We hope this post helped you easily get familiar with camera previews in BeReal. If you face any issues or have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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