Auto WiFi app automatically toggles your WiFi and saves battery

Think keeping WiFi always On is bad for battery? Well, no more. This lightweight app called Auto WiFi can smartly toggle your WiFi On/Off when the saved networks are not in range.

The concept of Auto WiFi app is pretty neat. You don’t need WiFi when you’re not at your Home, Office or anywhere where you don’t connect to WiFi. So the app detects whether the saved WiFi networks on device are in range or not, and when latter is the case, the app automatically switches Off WiFi to save battery on your device.

The app comes with three modes:

  • Auto on, auto off: This mode switches WiFi when no saved WiFi networks are nearby, and switches it back On saved WiFi networks are in range.
  • Selective on, auto off: This mode will automatically turn off WiFi when not in range, but will only turn it back On for WiFi networks from a list that you select.
  • Auto off only: – This mode will only turn off WiFi when no saved networks are in range. It won’t automatically turn it back On.

The app is available for free over at Play Store, below is the link:

[icon name=”play” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Auto WiFi – Play Store link

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