AT&T Rumored to Bring a Non-Qwerty Galaxy S 2, too!

Oh boy, it can’t better than this for our friends at AT&T. We just got the wind of another Galaxy S 2 variant, tipped for AT&T, right after we saw the leaked pics of a physical-keyboard donning Galaxy S 2. And this one has no qwerty or any kind of keyboard attached to it. It very much looks like the international version GT-i9100 we’ve been very much happy with and are pretty much proud of.

Well, it means AT&T may well get its users a super phone with just 8.5 mm thick body (which wasn’t possible for a qwerty variant) packing in the 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos process, 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen protected by Gorilla glass, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Memory, HSPA+ support, WiFi and 3G, etc. — clearly, there is not a better spec-sheet on earth right now than this.

Yeah, we wished the source has a batter pic than this — a side-pose or something — to assure us more about the non-qwerty part of this rumor. But let’s wait and watch, eh!

So, do you think the wait — 3 months and counting — android users had to do in US was worth it, now that they are getting plenty of options, and even a qwerty slider phone for those who want? This means that there will be 4 Galaxy S II variants if all the rumors turn out true: Samsung Function at Verizon, Samsung Within at Sprint (who had qwerty Galaxy S variant last year in Epic 4G) and Samsung Attain and one more Galaxy S 2 variant at AT&T — no clue regarding which one is qwerty and which one is not.

Anyways, we think things are definitely getting better. And those at AT&T would be little bit happier than those not at AT&T, for the availability of super phones AT&T’s providing them with. What do you say?

Via Android Central

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