ZenFone 4 Pro Pie update news and more: New OTA improves system security and stability

Asus ZenFone 4 Pro update

For the latest software update news related to Asus ZenFone 4 Pro, we have all the details here. This page has info about official Android OS updates for the ZS551KL as well as minor software updates usually associated with bug fixes and the addition of features from time to time.

In cases where possible, you’ll also get download links to firmware files that you can use to install updates to your ZenFone 4 Pro manually, but be sure you know all about this process before going down this route.


ZenFone 4 Pro update timeline

This section is for the global variant of the ZenFone 4 Pro, that comes as WW SKU.

  • Android 8.0 Oreo update available
  • Android 9 Pie update expected in Q1 or Q2 2019
Date Software version Changelog
22 Feb 2019 15.0410.1902.98 | Android 8.0 Updated Google security patch, Update GMS 8.0_201812, and improve system stability
20 Dec 2018 15.0410.1812.95 | Android 8.0 New security patch and improvements to system stability
19 Nov 2018 15.0410.1810.93 | Android 8.0 Updated security and Improved system stability
19 Oct 2018 15.0410.1809.92 | Android 8.0 Updates security patch
14 Sep 2018 15.0410.1808.87 | Android 8.0 Updates security patch and Improves system stability
15 Aug 2018 15.0410.1807.83 | Android 8.0 Updates security patch and Improves system stability
10 July 2018 15.0410.1806.78 | Android 8.0 New security patch, Improved system stability and camera quality.
30 May 2018 15.0410.1805.63 | Android 8.0 May 2018 security patch, improves WiFi and system stability
15 May 2018 15.0410.1804.58 | Android 8.0 Security patch update, Improve system stability, Privacy Setting update.
11 Apr 2018 15.0410.1803.51 | Android 8.0 Security patch update, Improve touch sensitivity, Fix launcher homepage folder cannot be changed, Fix randomly auto reboot issue, Fix status bar icon to show more obviously, Fix audio issue in 3rd party Apps.
13 Mar 2018 15.0410.1802.34 | Android 8.0 Upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo, Power consumption improvement, Long screenshot, and Substitute Cast function for PlayTo function
21 Feb 2018 14.2610.1801.51 | Android 7.0 Android security patch update
10 Jan 2018 14.2610.1712.45 | Android 7.0 Security patch update
26 Dec 2017 14.2610.1711.42 | Android 7.0 Adds 16M camera resolution in Pro Mode
11 Dec 2017 14.2610.1711.35 | Android 7.0 Improves camera performance, power consumption and Game Genie App, Enables CHT VoLTE & VoWifi and Y!mobile VoLTE, Fixes problem where BT device name is renamed by 3rd party apps, and Support Google Assistant in suspend mode
06 Nov 2017 14.2410.1710.148 | Android 7.0 Improves camera performance
19 Oct 2017 14.2410.1709.143 | Android 7.0 Optimizes camera quality and Improves ringtone volume for outdoor mode
02 Oct 2017 14.2410.1708.136 | Android 7.0 Improves System UI and camera performance
21 Sep 2017 14.2410.1708.130 | Android 7.0 Improves power consumption and Camera Optimization, Enables TWM VoLTE and upgrades portrait mode for the rear camera


ZenFone 4 Pro Android 9 Pie update

  • Android Pie eligible
  • OTA update release date expected in Q2 2019

Asus ZenFone 4 Pro the premium offering in the ZenFone 4 series and as such is entitled to at least two major OS upgrades. Android 8.0 Oreo is already in the past, making an update to Android 9 Pie the next in line.

Given that the ZenFone 3 series started receiving the second major OS upgrade (Oreo) in late January 2018, we expect a nearly similar release date for the ZenFone 4 Pro Android 9 Pie update, although this is just us making an educated guess.

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