Another Play Store update available now, version 8.8.12

Google Play Store

Less than two weeks ago, the Google Play Store received a new update that installed version 8.7.10 of the app and just a few days ago, another update was outed with software version 8.7.50.

Chances are that you are still running the older version 8.7.10 since the wider rollout of the recent version 8.7.50 has yet to begin. Even before v8.7.50 comes your way, the search giant has started rolling out another update to the app that further bumps up the software version to 8.8.12.

Like the previous version, the latest Google Play Store update is not available via the usual channels, but as always, we’ve got your back. If you feel like jumping ahead of the pack rather than wait, feel free to hit the download link below and grab the APK version, which weighs about 14MB.

Download Play Store APK (v8.8.12)

While we still don’t have a changelog, the jump from version 8.7.50 to version 8.8.12 seems significant when compared to the previous update. If anything, this suggests that the latest Google Play Store version has more than just the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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