Angry Birds Rio Update brings 24 New Levels and New Power Ups: Samba Burst and TNT Drop!

The Force may be stronger with Rovio’s latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise – Angry Birds Star Wars, but in no way does it mean that the game maker has forgotten about its older Angry Birds worlds.

Last updated way back in March 2012, Rovio has bumped up Angry Birds Rio, which was launched as a tie-in with the animated movie Rio. The latest update brings Angry Birds Rio to version 1.5.0 and adds a whopping 24 brand new levels along with new power-ups which will have you doing the Samba in joy.

Here’s what the official update description from Rovio says:

It’s samba time — with 24 new levels and new power-ups! Angry Birds Rio now has Sling Scope laser targeting and Super Seeds to supersize your birds, PLUS never-before-seen power-ups: Samba Burst and TNT Drop!

  • Collect stars to unlock 18 special Star Levels!
  • Earn feathers to unlock 6 Mighty Eagle levels!
  • Get 20 free power-ups!
  • Check back daily for your free power-up!
  • Dance your way to destruction with Samba Burst!
  • Send a “special delivery” with the TNT drop!

So you get four new power-up modes in all, including Samba Burst and TNT Drop. You get 20 free power ups just for downloading the update and then one free power-up further for every day that you play the game. Of course, if  you need more, there is always the in-app purchase route.

Check out a few screenshots from the new levels:


So hit that update notification, and get the latest Angry Birds Rio update. Let’s show those pigs who’s boss! If you haven’t played Angry Birds Rio yet, hit the link below to download the latest version from the Play Store.

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